Collection of used or contaminated oil



Collection of used or contaminated oil

Over its more than 45 years of market experience in Brazil, IPS has always stood out for its technical excellence and for its respect for the ENVIRONMENT.

According to this policy and considering the potential of environmental damages that used or contaminated oil represents, IPS has strict rules for classifying the toxicity and regulates the activities of gathering, collecting, and final disposal. The Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Environment, ANP, IBAMA, and the regional environmental bodies are those responsible for inspecting the various laws and ordinances that also apply to the farmer, importer, reseller, and final consumer of oils and the collection of these wastes.

Used or contaminated oil causes serious environmental damages if disposed of in the soil and in water, and its combustion generates residual gases that are harmful to the environment and public health. For this reason it should be stored safely and in a place accessible to be gathered and in proper leak-resistant recipients.

IPS uses its Logistics department to carry out the gathering and transportation of used or contaminated oil throughout the entire South region of Brazil. Currently we have our own fleet of more than 60 trucks that are tracked by satellite with trained drivers, and this all results in an efficient and safe collection system that complies with Brazil's current environmental norms.

The industrial processing of used or contaminated oil waste carried out by IPS is called re-refining and it is the only correct application according to existing regulations, as well as being the best alternative of environmental management. Our industrial complex is certified and recognized by the large worldwide oil companies.

Do not run risks unnecessarily. Turn in your used or contaminated oil to those legally certified before all governmental bodies. The fines for environmental crimes (irregular disposal, soil contamination, improper storage) can reach considerable levels.

Environmental preservation is the sum of each one of our actions. You can do your part by contacting IPS.


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